Grand Lake fishing report May 29th 2019

The crappie fishing is on fire at Grand Lake! All you need to know is where to go catch them! Over the past couple of months the crappie have been holding tight to the bridge at Bernice (if you’ve been there, you’ve probably seen me). Below are a couple of videos of me catching fish at Bernice over the past month.

The crappie are still there suspended in anywhere from 20 – 45 ft of water. White bass have been schooling in 5ft of water over the last couple of months just above the suspended crappie. Shad schools are swimming by at 10 ft – so the White Bass are attacking the shad from the top and the crappie are ambushing the shad from the bottom. Use your sonar to find suspended crappie next to bridge pilings. Once you find them, drop your jig and/or minnow as fast as you can to get past the White Bass to the Crappie. If you’re wanting to catch White Bass, just cast and retrieve any spin tail jig or use a spoon at 5-10ft.


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